Hindu Youth Conference 2014

  • Hindu Youth Conference 2014
  • Hindu Youth Conference 2014
  • Hindu Youth Conference 2014
  • Hindu Youth Conference 2014

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to actively involve Hindu Youth into playing a vital role in the Hindu Resurgence and Renaissance. HSYN will tap the boundless energy, creativity, and ideas of Hindu Youth and fully harness their potential to work for the resurgence of Hindu society on a global basis.

The future generation of Hindu society in the form of young professionals, college students, teenagers and the common people endowed with wisdom and vast empirical talent and knowledge has been attempting to work for the Hindu renaissance in their own individual capacities around the world. Currently there is a severe shortage of Hindu youth in established Hindu organisations throughout the world, especially in meaningful and important positions of responsibility and leadership. It is vital to reverse this alarming trend, which is already harming Hindu society’s ability to progress and repulse the challenges that confront it. Therefore, a global platform to bring all Hindu students and youth organisations is genuinely needed for Hindu youth from various corners of the earth to come together, so that such groups and like minded Hindu Youth from those groups can properly and effectively network with each other. HSYN aims to provide a network for all Hindu Students and Youth organisations that are currently active in their countries to share their experiences and provide encouragement to each other. In addition, HSYN will provide for experienced individuals in the field of Hindu Students and Youth Activities to share their experiences in these endeavors with current as well as aspiring individuals who desire to mobilise Hindu Youth into the movement. Doing so will effect a more satisfying and lasting outcome resulting from the work done by Hindu activists so that Hindu youth will be further encouraged to work for the Hindu resurgence in the future as well.

The rejuvenation and revitalization of Hindu Dharma throughout the world rests predominantly on the shoulders of the new and future generations of Hindus. The next generation of Hindus will assume the leadership of the Hindu resurgence. Increasingly, Hindu youth have not been given due importance and their wide ranging talents have not been properly utilized in existing Hindu organisations. As a result, Hindu youth have been increasingly left out of the Hindu movement throughout the world. To arrest this alarming decline of the lack of participation by Hindu youth in the existing Hindu organisational arrangement, the Hindu Youth Conference will be a core feature of the World Hindu Congress.

Hindu youth, is the primary life force as well as the core strength of Hindu society. Hindu youth are also the most treasured part of the Hindu resurgence, since they represent the future. The youth is the most motivated to challenge the status quo as well as to change it. One question that may arise is why this emphasis on the youth of Hindu society? It is the young that is the first stands against tyranny, injustice, suppression, and exploitation and declares that he or she will change the situation. The careful analyses of the major movements that have led to rejuvenation of Hindu society overwhelmingly lead to the conclusion that the bulk of the activity in those movements have been done by Hindu youth. Frankly speaking, the burden and responsibilities of leading and shaping the modern Hindu resurgence must pass to the youth of Hindu society. The Conference will devise strategies to prepare Hindu Youth to meet these responsibilities in a straight forward and effective manner.

A specific emphasis of the Hindu Youth Conference will be on the mobilization of Hindu students and professionals. The primary reason for this emphasis rests on a series of factors. The first reason is that the educated professional will be in the best position to professionally articulate solutions to the problems that confront Hindu society, which is critical in an increasingly information dominated world. The educated Hindu will also have far greater access to resources necessary to advocate effectively on behalf of the Hindu Resurgence, particularly for resources that come in the form of financial, governmental, or academic. They also will also be in forefront of the development and spread of new ideas and policies that will place Hindu Society on the path of progress. The very essence and definition of the Hindu identity as well as the place of Hindu society in the world will be largely determined by its professionally educated youth. In this matter of harnessing the inherent energy and creativity of the youth, Hindu society has a very big advantage since over half a billion Hindus are between the ages of 15 to 35. In addition, another quarter billion are below the age of 15. This emerging demographic will be in an ideal position to push through changes of vital importance to Hindu society. It is important that this emerging and dynamic demographic be in the forefront of infusing a newer, fresher approach, both on an external as well as internal basis that can be employed to aid the Hindu resurgence. The youth of Hindu society will be in the best position to accomplish this task through assuming responsibilities of publicly presenting and advocating the Hindu perspective. Hindu Youth can publicly provide a new face and voice to the Hindu renaissance along with its ability to generate new ideas and harness emerging technologies. The matter of informing both Hindus as well as non-Hindus about the issues and problems that confront Hindus as well as the need to resolve any threats that confront Hindu society can best be done by Hindu youth, particularly its professional and educated classes.

Starting from remote villages and small towns all the way to the big metropolises of the world, the Hindu Youth will lead the growing Hindu resurgence movement. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected primarily because of the rapid advances made in the field of information technology. Even people in areas previously deemed to be unreachable, are now able to make their voices heard. Hindu Youth in all areas will be in the forefront of informing their fellow Hindus around the world of the developments affecting Hindus that are taking place in the areas in which they live in addition to leading the Hindu resurgence on a local level. This sharing of information will be critical in building a solid network where Hindu Youth can communicate with each other. The Hindu Youth has always shown a deep desire to work for the Hindu resurgence not only in the areas in which they live, but increasingly to work for the Hindu resurgence on a national or even on a global scale as well. The increasing interconnectivity of the world will make this task much easier. It is imperative that this desire to work for the Hindu resurgence on a level beyond the confines of one’s immediate surroundings be harnessed and properly utilized. Therefore, the Conference will have a specific focus on devising strategies so that Hindu Youth around the world are connected and have the ability to disseminate information about a wide variety matters on a real time basis, with the goal of providing a global perspective. The main aim of the Conference will be to provide opportunities for the youth of Hindu society and Hindu Students and Youth organisations to build effective networks with each other so that they can effectively coordinate with each other strategies and information to better work in the areas where they are active. In addition, the conference will provide opportunities for the Hindu leaders of tomorrow to pool their resources so that these resources will be used in the most judicious and efficient manner. The consolidation of resources of Hindu youth in various parts of the world will allow for vital national and global initiatives of Hindus to be accomplished, as well as assist Hindu youth on a local level accomplish their goals. Finally the conference after consolidating the gains of the conference, will then translate them into action.
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